From thinking to doing

Last night I drove the truck to a friends house, loaded a few nice things and drove off. Might seem like a simple operation but it sure took awhile to get there.

Awhile back a sermon at church challenged me to let go of stuff and grab onto people. During the weeks after, our community group and friends discussed ways to deal with the “stuff” congesting our homes and lives and an opportunity to deliver stuff to a new family in town presented itself. Somehow all the things that were needed plus two trucks and a moving crew appeared and completed the task. While unloading, two strangers approached me and asked if we had an extra bed? I said ” no” but promised to see if I could locate one. I realized that I was standing in the parking lot of a very large apartment complex filled with families and many kids that had real needs. I have lots of “wants” but few if any real “needs”

So last night I quit talking and started doing. We had no plan for what to do with our “truck of stuff” and after praying for guidance we headed out and gave a nice chair to one family and the rest of the stuff to another. As we left in the now empty truck the conversation turned to what if anything we had accomplished. Here is our list:
1) My friends got some extra space in their garage that they needed.
2) I got to spend time with my friend and had great conversation while we drove around.
3) We allowed God to direct our actions and were rewarded with an adventure.
4) We learned from the residents where items could be left in the future
5) We were reminded that we are blessed by God and that all we have is from him.
6) I got a special gift in the form of a chair that is much nicer than I would have bought myself.

I would like to make this “rearrangement of stuff” a weekly event and look forward to seeing God work in this way.

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