Often Poverty is assumed to mean a sustained lack of money.  A short term lack of money doesn’t mean you’re in poverty it just means your broke. 

To avoid material poverty we need a sustained stream of income that matches our spending.  What about other types of poverty?  Can we thrive with a sustained lack of time? A sustained lack of wellness? A sustained lack of inner peace and meaning?  I believe we can suffer from poverty of time, health and spirit too.

A Poverty of Time

Sitting in the airport on a snowy day frantically barking into a cell phone while juggling a notebook PC on her lap and sipping Starbucks from a lipstick stained cup. The screen saver on her notebook computer shows two little girls (hers) with their daddy (her ex) enjoying a picnic at the shore.

What are we trading our life for?  Did I get life value from the last hour?    What is it that is worth the next 5 years of my life?

A Poverty of Wellness

Gasping for air and sweating profusely yet climbing the last ten stairs to sit on a bench and “enjoy” a cigarette.

Allowing lunch choices to be limited to the selections in the office candy machine and 15 minutes spent in the company of email.

Using the days’ allotted strength to navigate through 12 layers of phone system robo talk in hopes of hearing that the health plan you paid for at work will cover the escalating prescription costs.

Our health is one thing that we truly appreciate more after we lose it. When it is gone and we finally have time to lay in bed thinking about our choices, will we be happy?

A Poverty of Spirit

How can a re-run TV show hold such power over me that I can’t turn it off and give my child my full loving attention?

I know my friend is moving and really needs help this weekend but I think I will wait to Friday to commit in case something better comes along.

Thank heavens I had this hour in Church to get tomorrow planned out in my head.

My Goal

My own goal is to have a life of sustained wellness and spirit with time beyond work to live deeply with others and meet needs beyond my own.  To accomplish this I need to withdraw from my addiction to security and self.

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