Cabbage Addict

In Shanghai scanning breakfast items from around the world and I chose Cabbage.  Day after day I chose the fried chinese cabbage.  My name is Thomas and I am addicted to cabbage.  Why you ask??

Cabbage is Economical

Good cabbage is available year round for less than fifty cents a pound.  It lasts forever in the fridge or in a root cellar.  It can be the entire meal served as an appetizer (egg roll filling), salad (cole slaw), vegetable (chopped and fried in a little sesame oil) or main dish (cabbage rolls or steamed with corned beef or other meat)  I am not sure about dessert…..

Cabbage is Versatile & Nutritious

Just like Forrest Gump’s shrimp, there are a thousand ways to cook cabbage.  Fried, boiled, slawed, krauted, kim chee’d, wrapped, rolled or boiled.  I bet you could eat cabbage everyday and never eat the same dish twice.  Cabbage has fiber, antioxidants & very few calories.

Cabbage is Tasty

I know you might doubt that fried cabbage for breakfast is very inspiring but I encourage you to try it.   Chop up a head of cabbage and store it in a large tupperware in the fridge.  Before each meal think of a way to incorporate this fantastic vegetable into you meal.

And no I don’t work for the cabbage council.

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