I’m dreaming of a wood fired brick oven!

Its Friday night and my friends, neighbors & family start arriving.  Some are carrying cheese, others veggies or maybe a bottle of wine.  They head for the back yard where a wood oven’s tall brick chimney scents the air slightly with wood smoke.  In my chef hat, I am using a large wooden peel to pull a nicely browned and wonderful looking pizza out of the heat and place it on the table.  My lovely wife is stretching out some more dough while friends decorate the next oven bound pie. The evening continues until everyone is content and the fire dies down.  What a great way to spend time together.

This is my dream!

A wood fired brick oven can be either indoors, outdoors or mobile.  Usually made out of brick, concrete or other ceramic materials, the oven is loaded up with wood and ignited or “fired” for several hours to thoroughly heat up.   When ready, anything that can be roasted or baked and that fits inside the oven can be cooked.  When cooking a whole meal the 1st items are those requiring the hottest temperatures.  Other dishes are cooked later as the oven cools down.  For pizzas the oven can be used for hours when fired properly.

The brick oven that I dream about will be in my own back yard and built with the help of friends.  I have been a member of the “Wood Fired brick Oven” group on yahoo  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/brick-oven/   for awhile.   This group discusses all aspects of building and using brick ovens in infinite detail.  Members coach, teach, encourage and even help other members design and build their dream stove.

To “try before you buy” or just exercise your curiosity, eat dinner at a Bertucci’s restaurant.  Inside you will see a working wood fired oven used to cook meals.  They will also give your kids a piece of dough to shape and then bake it for them.  or…..   see if there is a historical farm site near you that has a working open hearth kitchen.

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