Local vegetables

It’s the time of year when fresh veggie lovers have options.  In fact we have so many options that we rule the market.  My 1st option is to wander through my small garden and see if anythings is ready for the table.  Next I can visit our local Farmer’s market held each Wednesday here P.M. in Westerville.  This option presents me with several vendors offering their home grown veggies and food products.  My next option and the one we use both reluctantly but frequently is to visit the shiny perfect vegetable crypt at our local grocery store.  Here I can pick up a beautiful cucumber grown and somehow transferred half way around the world and offered to me for a stupidly low price.  My last and favorite option is to hop in the car and drive through the country an Amish farm in Licking County.  Arriving with my head clear and thoughts pure I wait near the car until someone emerges from the house.  It is usually the farmer but he usually is accompanied buy a kid or too.  I ask what is new and we discuss the bad state of this years onion crop or the forecast for big sweet tomatoes.  I fill a bag from the porch with squash, cucumbers, corn, beans and anything else available. I review the price board and inquire about cabbage.  Instantly a nine year old boy bolts off to the garden and emerges a few minutes later with a nice green head of cabbage.  I guiltily pass a few buck to the farmer and wonder if he cares that I would have gladly paid twice the amount he asked. I say goodbye and steer my car down the long rutted dirt driveway admiring the animals, gardens, saw mill and lifestyle.  I am  an Amish wannabe.   So while the Summer lasts I will embrace the local harvest and savor each green treasure until the frost forces me back to the my grocery store’s veggie wax museum.

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