Appalachian Trail

Another dream of mine is to hike the Appalachia Trail (the AT) all the way from Georgia to Maine.

My oldest daughter talks about joining me on this adventure


AT Sign in the Smokies

AT Sign in the Smokies

I have vicariously walked the AT several times by following hikers through their blogs on trail journals

Each year in February I pick several hikers and follow their updates as they proceed up the trail.  The trick is to pick people that are likely to make the whole hike and keep up with their journals.  Several times I have been “stranded” when my hiker    just quit journaling.  I’ll never know whether they made it or not.

My all time favorite was a guy from Cincinnati who went by the trail name “Big Red”

Each year I reread Bill Bryson’s A “Walk in the Woods” which details his humorous attempt to hike the whole AT.  It is one funny book and well worth the read.

I don’t know when I will start my AT hike.  At one point several years ago I was out of work and scared my wife half to death by starting to talk seriously about taking time off to hike the AT.  With two kids at home and no income her fears were likely well founded.

Big Read AT 02'

Big Read AT 02'

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