Litter Landing – Findlay

We raised our family in Findlay, Ohio.  Not really a small town, Findlay bills itself as a “Micropoliton” area with the unofficial motto “A great place to raise kids”.  When it comes to recycling, Findlay has something unique and special.  Litter Landing is basically a metal pole barn with garage doors on one side and shipping doors on the other side.  Inside are wooden bins for virtually any type of recyclable material.  People drive up in their cars and walk around the bins dropping off what they brought and sometimes choosing a few things to take home.  Its very common to see someone you know and spend a few minutes talking about local news.  Its really common to see parents rooting through bins finding materials needed for school projects.  Magazines, colored glass bottles, cardboard boxes and many other items can be picked up free at the 24 hour facility.

Litter landing was started by the Hancock County Commissioners who needed a way to expand the life of the costly local landfill.  If landfill usage goals were not met then the state would require the county to implement mandatory curbside recycling.  In response the land and building for litter landing were obtained and the community welcomed the chance to recycle.  In time numerous additions and improvements have been made to the facility.

We currently live in a suburb where curbside recycling is mandatory.  We also have a local law prohibiting going through other people’s trash and recyclables.  Every now and then a rumor spreads that  the private firm that picks up the curbside recyclables ends up driving to the dump and trashing everything we have dutifully saved, cleaned and set at the curb.

I really miss litter landing!

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