Litter Landing – Findlay

Click title for full post – Litter Landing is a great community based recycling depot that provides many advantages beyond traditional private curbside recycling. […]

Mt pet Kefir

Click title for full post – Making and enjoying Kefir in your home kitchen. […]

Hen & Chicks – A Favorite Plant!

Click title for full post – My lifelong love of plants and gardens has childhood roots with a few plants including sunflowers, pumpkins and “hen & chicks”. […]

Fuel the Film – Fall in love with Biodiesel!

Click title for full post – FUEL is an insightful portrait of America‚Äôs addiction to oil and an uplifting testament to the immediacy of new energy solutions. Director, Josh Tickell, a young activist, shuttles us on a whirlwind journey to track the rising domination of the petrochemical industry […]

I’m dreaming of a wood fired brick oven!

Click title for full post – A wood fired brick oven can be either indoors, outdoors or mobile. Usually made out of brick, concrete or other ceramic materials, the oven is loaded up with wood and ignited or “fired” for several hours to thoroughly heat up. When ready, anything that can be roasted or baked and that fits inside the oven can be cooked. […]

Pre-cycling – Reduce before use

Click title for full post – Pre-cycling – Planning ahead to avoid buying or needing excess packaging. […]

Cabbage Addict

Click title for full post – Good cheap cabbage is available year round lasts forever in the fridge and can be cooked into a variety of dishes or in a root cellar. […]


Click on title to read entire post – I believe we can suffer from poverty of time, health and spirit too. […]

Lithopolis Honey Festival

Click on header above for complete post – Spend a fund family day at the Lithopolis, Ohio honey festival. Enjoy “all things bee” while you learn about bees and enjoy many honey based goodies. […]